Monday, January 27, 2014

Still Single with the Clock Ticking

Now 48 and still single. Many dates under my belt but nobody special on the horizon. My confidence has taken a huge knock. What to do now?

Sit at home, watching telly and talking to the cat.....NO! Time to do things differently.

Ok so how exactly do I start? Good question! Right first things first. For the next week I will talk to at least 5 new people a day. In the supermarket queue, at the post office, in the newspaper shop or in the cafe ...anywhere and everywhere.

Next I will contact at least one old friend every day for a quick catch up. Facebook, Twitter or by phone, it doesn't matter, the important thing is to start building relationships. Hopefully this will take my focus off my loneliness and give me the strength to get back out there in the wide world again....

Friday, September 30, 2011

Where do I go from here?

Got an email from guy who made the strange mewling noises when he kissed me. He can't remember my name because he "has dated so many women" but he remembers kissing me. Charming! I remember him kissing me too! Shudder shudder!!! He wants to meet me again - for a night of passion! OMG!!

I won't waste my time replying to that!

Got several emails from guys with no pic even though it clearly says in my profile that I will not reply to anyone without one! They all say they have a good reason for not putting a pic up. A wife by any chance?

I'm learning fast.

Beginning to realize that men on the site treat it like a cattle market. They have plenty of choice so why stick with one woman? If they are not instantly attracted they do not give a relationship a chance, they simply move on. Even the ones who say they are serious about finding someone.

I decided to do a little research. I checked out other women's profiles. Loads of cleavage and open invitations to have some fun. Are they all desperate or what? It's no wonder the men are all looking for sex rather than a relationship.

There must be some genuine men out there. I'll keep looking but I won't hold my breath.....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Losing The Will

This online dating thing just gets harder and harder. I thought the whole idea was to make it easier to meet people!

I met a nice guy and we got on really well. Chatted for an hour and he asked me to keep in touch. I should  have realized! The kiss of death! Keep in touch. Man talk for "bye, I'll never see you again".

I sent him a quick message saying I had enjoyed our chat and would like to meet again. He didn't reply for over 12 hours and I knew he got the message as soon as I sent it. I also saw that he was chatting to someone else but didn't notice this until after I had sent the message. Damn!

Finally got a reply saying he had enjoyed the chat too and wishing me the best of luck for the future.

Oh well, back to the drawing board..........